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While AAA games are usually cited as $60 behemoths when the issue of pricing comes up (especially when contrasted with 99 cent and free to play App store offerings), the truth is it usually doesn’t take long for some AAA releases to reach the depths of  mobile game pricing.

Bundles and Steam sales have made this an especially prevalent trend, but one which select publishers like EA and Activision had managed to at least partially circumvent if not outright avoid. EA seems to finally be biting the bullet with a straightforward Battlefield 3 promo which sees the game’s price lowered to $5 on its Australian Origin digital store.

Source Gamespot

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Deezer has launched a new app for Windows 8, the app will be available to Windows 8 users in 180 countries around the world, Deezer has around 20 million songs and they are available for free for the first 12 months.

Deezer has also released promo video of their new Windows 8 app, which you can see below, and Deezer will also be adding an offline mode to their Windows 8 app which will allow you to listen to your music without an Internet connection.

"Deezer, our ultimate goal is to give fans the best possible experience when discovering and listening to the music they love,” Alexandre Croiseaux, VP Product at Deezer said. "The new Windows Store app is another important step forward in this journey.”

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Verizon Wireless has announced that they are launching their 4G LTE service in 5 new cities in the US and also expanding the service in existing areas, which include Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

The new areas which Verizon will launch their 4G LTE are El Centro, California, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Middlesboro/Harlan and Paducah, Kentucky, East Liverpool, Ohio.

Verizon also shared some details about their existing coverage, their 4G LTE service is now available to 287 million people across the US and in 491 different markets.

Source Brief Mobile

Category: Techno News | Views: 574 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

Here is an amazing item that Sega fans will appreciate. Sega reportedly only built two prototypes of a console named Pluto, and one of them has popped up on the internet through someone who claims to be a former Sega employee.
This console was never mass produced, obviously. It is a variation of Sega Saturn and has a NetLink modem built in. This Sega Pluto prototype is also said to be region locked. The 14 year old hardware still works.

The console has two controller ports, a flip-top drive bay, Power button, a cartridge slot and the Reset button. Sega was apparently going to brand it with the Saturn name. This is a nice blast from the past.

Source Ubergizmo

Category: Gaming News | Views: 573 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

A photo and some details have been leaked on a new ZTE Android smartphone, the ZTE N988 which is rumored to be the first handset to use the new NVIDIA Tegra 4 mobile processor.

The ZTE N988 has received certification from China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center MIIT, and some specifications on the handset have been revealed.

The ZTE N988 will come with a 5.7 inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, the device is powered by a quad core 1.5GHz processor which is believed to be the NVIDIA Tegra 4, the device also comes with 2GB of RAM.

Other specifications on the ZTE N988 include a front facing 2 megapixel camera and a rear facing 13 megapixel camera, plus a microSD card slot, GPS, ... Read more »

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The release date for the official Iron Man 3 game is right around the corner. The game launches next week on April 25. To whet our appetite, Gameloft has been teasing us with some teaser trailers of the game. Today they released another one that shows off some of the Iron Man suits and other in-app purchases.

We get a short glimpse of what to expect with in-app purchases, as well as very brief look into some new gameplay that we didn’t see with last month’s gameplay trailer. You can get the Iron Man suits in different colors, and some of the more high-end ones even come with machine guns. Nice!

You can spend money to upgrade your armor and weapon power, as ... Read more »

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has been pushed further out of our reach. Now it is expected to arrive around the middle of July.

The Galaxy S4 mini was first rumored to arrive a few weeks ago, but we never heard an official announcement by Samsung, and of course with the Galaxy S III Mini still being not too old, Samsung is in no rush.

The S4 mini is rumored to come in two versions, one with a single-SIM and another with dual SIM card support. The device will ship in Black Mist and White Frost colors. That’s what we know about the date right now. If we learn anything else, we will pass it on.

Source Phone Arena

Category: Future Mobile | Views: 604 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

Mozilla recently announced that they would soon be launching their Firefox OS, and now it looks like the first Firefox OS developer phones will be launching next week, with prices starting at 91 Euros plus taxes.

Spanish retailer Geeksphone will be offering the two Firefox OS developer smartphones from next week, the Keon handset will retail for 91 Euros plus taxes and the Peak handset will retail for 149 Euros plus taxes


You can find out more details on these new Firefox OS developer smartphones over at Geeksphone.

Source Engadget

Category: Future Mobile | Views: 645 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

HTC has announced the launch of a new Android smartphone, the HTC Desire L which will launch in Taiwan, and the handset comes with Android Jelly Bean and HTC’s Sense user interface.

The HTC Desire L features a 4.3 inch Super LCD 2 display with a WVGA resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, processing on the Desire L is provided by a dual core 1GHz processor and it also features 1GB of RAM.

Other specifications on the HTC Desire L include 4GB of built in storage, plus a microSD card slot, the device also features a 1,800 mAh battery, and a 5 megapixel rear camera with a f/2.0 lens, BSI sensor and auto focus.

There are no details on pricing or availability for the HTC Desire L as yet, as soon as we get some more information we will let you guys know.

Source ... Read more »

Category: Future Mobile | Views: 657 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

We are expecting Verizon to launch the new Nokia Lumia 928 shortly, we have already seen some photos of the handset and now we have what looks to be an official press image of the Nokia Lumia 928 from Verizon.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is rumored to come with a 4.5 inch HD super AMOLED display a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, the handset is also expected to come with a dual core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

Other rumored specifications on the Nokia Lumia 928, include an 8.7 megapixel camera with a Xenon flash and LED flash, that can record full HD video in 1080p.

As soon as we get some more information on the Verizon Nokia Lumia 928, including a release date and some pricing for the handset we will let you guys know.

Source ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 565 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

Taiwanese computer manufacturer Inhon has announced what they claim is the worlds thinnest laptop, the Inhon Blade 13 Carbon, which measures just 10.7mm thick and it weighs in at just 870g.

The Inhon Blade 13 Carbon features a 13 inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a choice of Intel Core i5 and i7 processor, plus either a 128GB solid state drive or a 256GB version.

Other specifications on the Inhon Blade 13 Carbon include 4GB of RAM, and it will launch in Taiwan in June and will retail for around $1,350, there are no details as yet on when it will launch outside of Taiwan.

Source ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 760 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

Some of our readers will remember the Samsung Evolution Kit for their Smart TVs that was announced back in January, the kit is now available in South Korea, and it brings all the features of Samsung’s latest smart TVs to older models.

Samsung’s Evolution Kit is compatible with select 2012 Samsung Smart models, including ES7000 and ES8000. The Smart Evolution Kit is packaged with the 2013 Smart Touch Remote and will be available next week. Owner’s of Samsung’s ES8000 and ES7000 TVs can use the coupon provided to them and receive 50% off the Smart Evolution Kit for a price of 300,000 won. Alternatively, ES8000 and ES7000 owners can register their TV’s serial number at to receive 50% off the Smart Evolution Kit.

You can find out more details about the Samsung Evol ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 620 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

HTC’s new flagship Android smartphone, the HTC One has gone on sale in the US from today, the handset is available with US mobile carriers AT&T and Sprint, plusalso from a number of retailers including Best Buy, Amazon and more.

The HTC One comes with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and it features a 4.7 inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 468 pixels per inch, processing is provided by a quad core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

Other specifications on the HTC One include 2GB of RAM and a choice of either 32GB or 64GB of built in storage, it also uses HTC’s new Ultrapixel camera and HTC’s custom HTC Sense 5 user interface.

HTC’s Ultrapixel camera on the HTC One comes with an f/2.0 lens, HTC says that their new camera sensor is capable of coll ... Read more »

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Griffin has announced that it is now shipping the Crayola Light Marker for iPad. The Light Marker looks like your typical Crayola marker, only it works in conjunction with the iPad allowing kids to draw on the tablet screen. The marker is available for $29.99 and ships with a stand for the iPad.

The marker works in conjunction with an app that is available to download on the App Store and offers multiple activities for kids. The activities include coloring pages, free drawing, dot to dot, and hide-and-seek pages.

Kids can choose any color they want to color with and they can choose from a variety of drawing styles including markers, talk, and more. The application has six activities overall and not be perfect for keeping kids busy during road trips this summer.

Category: Techno News | Views: 549 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-04-20 | Comments (0)

The HTC M4 is expected to be a revision of the HTC One and we now know that it will be made out of a metal-alloy chassis and the supplier has already been selected. Catcher Technologym will be the exclusive provider for the chassis in order to avoid supply problems like what happened with the HTC One.
The HTC M4 should start shipping in June with wider availability in the third quarter of the year. HTC is has it’s sights set on shipping 700 000 devices in the second quarter.

Catcher forecasts a 10.5% to 15% sequential growth in revenue in Q2 2013. It is also expected to ship 2.3-2.4 million units of the HTC One in the second quarter.

Source Phone Arena

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