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Main » 2011 » September » 10 » Battlefield 3 More Real Than “Action Flicks” Bad Company 1&2
3:51 PM
Battlefield 3 More Real Than “Action Flicks” Bad Company 1&2

Battlefield 3 already has our attention, EA, but a bit of reassurance can’t hurt. ”We have tried to get closer to the slang of the modern warrior. We are mixing tension-building passages with the chaos of suddenly erupting firefights. We’ve sought to keep the game feeling as plausible as possible, because the moment the audience stops believing it could happen, then you’re just like every other shooter,” according to lead designer David Goldfarb.

You might remember all this "modern warrior” hoopla from last year’s Medal of Honor, which, while a descent franchise reboot, was basically Medal of Honor Airborne with a new coat of paint using the modern setting as a crutch rather than an asset. Battlefield 3, however, seems determined to try and tell a compelling story of contemporary warfare and it was about time someone genuinely made the attempt without going off the rails.

Source Eurogamer

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