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Main » 2011 » August » 19 » Dr. R.E. Cycler Robot Crushes Cans Without Remorse
8:50 PM
Dr. R.E. Cycler Robot Crushes Cans Without Remorse

You should be glad it doesn’t crush human skulls. But that’s in the near future, when the War has begun. Anyway, for now they’re just cans. Long story short, high tech firm Florida Robotics built Dr. R.E. Cycler to educate the youth about the recycling process. What the Dr. does is pretty visceral; each time it’s fed/given a can, it literally crushes it. Awed onlookers can then watch the scrap aluminum collect in what passes for Dr. R.E. Cycler’s stomach. Or they can pose for Facebook pics.

The Dr. came to be after local waste management requested that Florida Robotics develop an entertaining yet educational diversion for the younger set that would impart a positive message. So far, judging by the pictorial evidence Dr. R.E. Cycler is doing great. We just wish it had a cooler name. Dr. R.E. Cycler? How come real life robots are never as sexy as the ones we imagine? Crushing aluminum cans looks like heaps of fun though.


Actually another great way for high schoolers and young people in general to learn respect for the environment is by living outdoors. Nothing beats immersing yourself in the natural world, away from the clutter and pointlessness of a consumer society. Then again, let the kids find their own meaningful experiences.


Source Fast Company

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