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It has been discovered that both and have been using powerful supercookies to track online visitors user data. The supercookies are almost impossible to detect and can recreate user profiles even after a normal cookie has been deleted and are capable of stealing a users complete browser history in some cases.The data can then be used to see a visitors financial and health status and provide advertisers with considerably more detailed information than a standard cookie would divulge.

The websites use of the new supercookies was discovered by researchers at Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley. The supercookies are sometimes distributed through Flash content as cookies for this type of content are stored in a separate folder away from normal cookies, and are not removed when a use ... Read more »

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OpenDNS the Domain Name System resolution service has announced that it now supports more than 30 million customers worldwide. OpenDNS was launched back in 2006 by David Ulevitch and in just five years has grown into a professional DNS resolution service for consumers and businesses worldwide as an alternative to using their own Internet service provider’s DNS servers.

As well as their Domain Name System resolution service OpenDNS also provide extra services to users including phishing filters, domain blocking and typo correction and blocks malicious sites when users try to access them through the OpenDNS service. They are also closely involved with helping some ISPs hijacking users keyword searches and redirecting them to affiliate links.

In just 5 years the company has grown fro ... Read more »

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Yesterday we featured the application for a new glass-roofed store in Santa Monica, which even though was applied for by a "Howard Robinson” and the property owner as ASB/Blatteis Promenade Holdings, LLC. The Architect drawings gave the store away as an Apple establishment.

Well last night the new store was approved and given the green light to progress by the Santa Monica’s Planning Commission. The new building will now replace the existing three storey building that used to be a Borders Bookstore.

There has been some surprise just how quickly the plans have been approved and on the Santa Monica Dispatch website, Peggy Clifford writes:

"The surprise was that the staff put the project on the Consent Calendar. I cannot remember any large, complex commercial project ever going on the Consent Calendar. Apple ... Read more »

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Thinkflood has this week finally  launched an Android version of its great universal remote control application that arrived on iOS devices nearly two years ago. The new Android RedEye application allows you to to control your other Redeye connected gadgets including your home theatre, lighting, HVAC, and others using Android networked smartphones and tablets.

The RedEye Android app is compatible with networked RedEye products including RedEye and RedEye Pro and supports devices running Android 1.6 and later, including tablets running 3.0 Honeycomb.

Unfortunately the RedEye application is not support by the RedEye Mini device, ThinkFlood explains why below:

"Although RedEye mini compatibility is a popular request, RedEye mini requires further research into the headphone jack on various Android handsets ... Read more »

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If you have been waiting for the RAGE Facebook page to reach 100,000 likes to enable RAGE as a free download on iOS devices. You will be pleased to know 100,000 likes has now been reached and the RAGE iOS game is now available to download free for a week.

At the beginning of August id Software launched their RAGE game on to the iPad and recompiled especially for iOS4 providing improved compatibility and 1080p HDMI TV Output. Allowing you to connect your iPad and  play Rage HD on your big screen TV.

RAGE features Game Center support together with leader boards, achievements and Museum Mode as well as supporting gyroscope controls. So don’t delay jump over to the Appstore to download your copy of Rage and  ... Read more »

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Another new trailer has made an appearance at this years Gamescom 2011 in Germany for the Assassins Creed Revelations game, that will be launching later this year, in November.

The new trailer released by Ubisoft focuses on the agility and hand to hand combat players of the games have become to relish, which have been developed even further in the new release. Together with some fantastic panoramic shots of the locations you can expect to play in once the new game is released.

The  highly anticipated release of Assassins Creed Revelations will be released on November 15 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

... Read more »
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Three UK has this week announced that they will soon be offering a new Huawei E586 MiFi that will be able to provide customers with HSPA+ support and  21.1Mbps downloads and 5.76Mbps uploads.

The new Huawei E586 MiFi device is equipped with a OLED screen that displays data such as battery life, data consumption, connection speed and browsing time and comes complete with its own charging cradle.

David Kerrigan, head of mobile broadband at Three explains:

"As the UK’s biggest 3G mobile broadband network, we’re delighted to introduce our high speed mobile Wi-Fi product. This joins our award winning HSPA+ dongles making us the only operator offering an entirely next generation HSPA+ enabled range of mobile broadband products.”

Pricing and packages for the new Huawei E586 MiFi will be released by Three c ... Read more »

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Acer first introduced their new Acer Iconia Smart smartphone back in the middle of February of this year. But until now very little has been announced about its arrival date. But thanks to post published to the Acer Germany Facebook page it now looks like the Acer Iconia Smart will be arriving next month for around $730.

The Acer Iconia Smart is equipped with a massive 4.8 inch display sporting a 1024 x 480 pixel resolution and  a 21:9 widescreen ratio. Powered by a 1GHz Scorpion processor, Qualcomm MSM8255-1 Snapdragon supported by 512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM and 8 GB of storage.

Its also fitted with an 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash camera complete with Geo-tagging, face and smile detection, image stabilisation and video capable of  recording 720p @ 30fps. On a full char ... Read more »

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You might have already heard that the creator of Minecraft Markus "Notch” Persson is currently being pursued by a lawsuit from Bethesda, (creator of the Elder Scrolls series of games) for using the word ” Scrolls” within a new game title he has developed.

The new Scrolls game developed by Persson is a fantasy strategy game, developing the trading card game style of play. However Bethesda haven’t taken kindly to the use of "Scrolls” and say its a trademark infringement on the Elder Scrolls trademark. But rather than firing back with lawyers, Persson has challenged Bethesda to a duel in Quake 3 to sort out the disagreement.

Persson has responded to Bethesda with an email stating his position:

"Remember that scene in Game of Thrones where Tyrion chose a trial by battle in the Eyrie ... Read more »

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Microsoft has today revealed that their new Windows 8 OS will indeed have its own "App Store”. Confirming the rumours that have been circulating since a number of Windows 8 development documents were leaked in the middle of 2010. Together with a few leaked Windows 8 screenshots earlier this year that idicated a navigation tab for an "App Store”.

Microsoft will now be matching ... Read more »

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IBM have announced the creation of two experimental chips by it researchers that are structured more like a human brain than a computer chip as we know it today. IBM are calling the new chips an "unprecedented” step forward in creating intelligent computers and is hoping the new experimental chips will become the building blocks for it to develop cognitive computing.

In developing these new chips IBM is hoping to create technology that more closely emulates human behaviours in the way they learn and take action. Providing the chips with the ability to be able to make decisions by processing immense amounts of data. "We aren’t there yet, but before long these chips will be able to rewire themselves on the fly,” says Dharmendra Modha, an I.B.M. researcher.

Both of the new chips developed by IBM have 256 neurons; one o ... Read more »

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Gamescom 2011 has already provided some great game trailers this week in Germany, and the latest to be released is a stunning 5 minute Guild Wars 2 trailer, that won’t disappoint.

Last year at Gamescom AreanaNet won the Online Game of the Year award and has come back this year looking to defend its title with the launch of a new playable build of the anticipated MMO. Watch the trailer build into a crescendo of battles after the jump, showing how the five great races competed and warred against each other, struggling to tip the balance of power in their favour.


Unfortunately no launch date has been released as yet by AreanaNet, but when the new game does launch it will be an exclusive to PC game.

... Read more »
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Crytek the German video game company best known for developing the Far Cry and Crysis series of games, using their CryEngine software. Have today announced they are releasing their award winning CryEngine 3 SDK, game development environment free of charge to all for non-commercial use.

The CryEngine 3 SDK provides developers with the complete gaming engine to create top quality next generation games for PC, and includes the CryEngine 3 Sandbox level editor. Together with their 3rd generation "What you see is what you play” (WYSIWYP) tool, designed by and for professional gaming developers.

"With the release of our SDK we encourage creators to try out CryENGINE 3 and hope it will lead to new companies being formed and using our engine. More importantly we expect to increase the talent pool for CryENGINE developers, as well as boosting our ... Read more »

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We’re not entirely sure what makes otherwise discerning professionals go in for these fanciful predictions. We just hope video game consultant Mark Cerny provided more than the one example Eurogamer wrote about, although it’s not like anyone actually takes starry-eyed industry futurists to task unless they’re named Peter Molyneux.

"We’re already seeing the wall starting to crumble a bit,” he said. "Demon’s Souls, even though on one level it’s a single-player game, as you’re walking through the world you’re seeing the ghosts of everybody who died in that world via the internet. You can leave messages for them. They can leave messages for you. There’s actually a boss you fight in that game which is controlled by another player.

"We’re talking five, 10 years out. I believe three years from now, if you aren’t doing that, you are being criticised in y ... Read more »

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New information is trickling out about Nintendo’s non-update to its formerly barely next-gen, soon to be stone age-gen console. Sure, it’s reportedly slightly slimmer and it has a newfound fondness for the horizontal plane, but apparently it’s losing something fairly important in the process: GameCube compatibility.

Aside from that, a Nintendo rep told the company ”does not currently have any plans” to bring the console to the US, much like Sony did with its just-announced "el cheapo” flavour of WiFi-less PSP. We’re not entirely sure when Europe became the dumping ground for gimped cut-rate consumer electronics, but we think most Europeans would much rather have the proper ones for a sane price, thank you very much.

Source Kotaku ... Read more »

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In a rare chain of events that would make a decent Hollywood tear-jerker, a 14 year old lad from Berkshire got a new arm from a Scottish robotics company courtesy of Mercedes. That’s a lot of parties involved if you ask us, but the backstory is rather complicated.

See, dear Matthew is missing a limb. It wasn’t cut off in a lightsaber duel or the tragic result of an accident. For Matthew it was congenital. He’s been making do with a prosthetic hand for ages until he wrote a cheeky letter to the Mercedes F1 team GP Petronas.

What happened next was Mercedes reached out to the needy teenager and commissioned Scottish based robotics geniuses Touch Bionics to create the iLimb Pulse. Now fitted to Matthew’s arm, the iLimb is a very impressive piece of articulated hardware; the moving fingers plus Bluetooth capability puts it in a league of its own. There’s ... Read more »

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Researchers at the University of Southampton in the UK have created new nano-structured glass and used it to create a new type of computer memory. Since the team of researchers published their paper in May this year, the new technology has been developed further and the team has now adapted it for a five-dimensional optical recording device. The new five-dimensional memory using the Nano Structured Glass means that data can be stored on the glass will last forever.

Professor Peter Kazansky explains:

"Before this we had to use a spatial light modulator based on liquid crystal which cost about £20,000,” – "Instead we have just put a tiny device into the optical beam and we get the same result.”

The new nano-structured glass will be used with applications in optical manipulatio ... Read more »

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If you have been patently waiting for the arrival of the new HP Pre 3 mobile in the UK you will be pleased to know that your wait is now over. The HP Pre 3 8GB is now available to buy from Palm’s Eurostore unlocked for £299.00 – $492.03.

The new HP Pre 3 is powered by a Qualcomm 1.4GHz processor supported by 512MB of RAM. Its equipped with a 3.58 inch touchscreen display and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Onboard storage comes in two options either 8GB or 16GB and supports USB mass storage. More information on its US arrival will be released shortly say HP.

HP states:

HP is excited to begin its regional rollout of Pre3, the only phone today that offers users a slide-out keyboard coupled with a large touchscreen and the fastest speed (1.4GHz processor – the fastest on the market). We ... Read more »

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Samsung has today announced a new line of solid state drives (SSD) the Samsung 830 Series. The new Samsung 830 Series SSDs builds on the success of Samsung’s 470 Series SSDs and provide full support for SATA’s 6Gbps max throughput. Making the new 830 Series capable of transfer speeds in the region of 500MB/s high sequential reads and 350MB/s write.

Samsung’s 830 Series SSD drives are encased in a brushed metal enclosure and are available in 64, 128, 256 and 512GB storage capacities.

The new Samsung 830 Series SSD come with an optional migration kit which includes a full retail copy of Norton Ghost. Together with Samsung’s Magician for SSD software a DOD compliant ATA level Secure Erase that doesn’t require you to exit into DOS, allowing you to complete an erase if your using the driv ... Read more »

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If you would like to connect an older Mac machine or any device equipped with a DVI, even a PC with a decent graphics card installed,  to a new Apple’s LED Cinema display, the KanexDual-link DVI Adapter C247DL can help you out.

The Kanex C247DL is a Dual-link DVI with USB to Mini DisplayPort converter allowing easy connection to Apple’s LED Cinema Display. Converting the video signal from dual-link DVI and delivering resolutions up to 2560×1600 together with integrated audio using a USB connection.

The new Kanex C247DL allows you to simply connect your older Mac systems by actively converting the DVI signal into sharp 2560×1600 resolution. Supporting 2006 – early, 2008 MacBook Pro, 2005–mid and 2007 Mac Mini with connections to the new Apple Cinema Display with Mini DisplayPort input. Since DVI does not suppor ... Read more »

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During its GamesCom presentation in Cologne, Germany today Sony announced it would be dropping the price of both

its PS3 console models across all territories.

Now the Sony 160GB PS3 system will priced at $249 in the US, €250 in Europe, with immediate effect. The PS3 price

will also drop to 24,980 yen in Japan but on August 18th. The 300GB PS3 model will be priced at $300 in the US, €300

in Europe, and 29,980 yen in Japan.

"Since its release in 2006, PS3 has gained tremendous support from fans around the world and its cumulative

worldwide sales reached a milestone of 50 million units as of March 29, 2011,”

If you are not a already a PS3 owner are the new PS3 prices making you consider a purchase?

Source: ... Read more »

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MSI has this week added a couple of new notebooks to its range in the form of the MSI X460 and X460DX. That have been designed with mobile professionals in mind, with its thin and light design. Combining both sleek brushed metallic finishes together with performance from Intel’s latest Core processors.

The high specification MSI X460 model comes complete with a Intel Core i7-2630QM processor, supported by 6GB of DDR 3 RAM and graphics supplied by the integrated Intel HD 3000 GPU. The  slightly less powerful X460DX base model is equipped with a 2.1GHz Intel Core i3-2310M processor with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. But can be upgraded with optional processor upgrades if required.

Both systems run 64-bit versions of Windows 7 professional and are equipped with a 1366 x 768 glossy LCD, HM65 chipset, WiDi 2.0 support, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n wireless, 2 x USB 3.0 po ... Read more »

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This Summer Linux turned 20 years old, growing from a hobby coding language into a Linux operating system we all

rely on today. Thanks to Linus Torvalds, who made a bold decision to share his operating system with the world, and

license it under the General Public License.

As part of the Linux Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebrations, during the recent LinuxCon in July 2011. The

Foundation conducted a survey of the attendees and created an interesting infographic showing the changes within

Linux and detailing Linux’s growth over the years. Enjoy!

You might also be interested in the  Linux Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebration video, showing how Linux

disrupted a market and begun to change the world.

... Read more »
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That’s one way to compete with smartphones, we guess, though thinking back to the PSP’s heyday as a sleek and sexy luxury handheld nearly brought a tear to our eyes. Sony’s new PSP will be dubbed E-1000 and will apparently forego cutting edge tech like decade old WiFi technology in favor of…  UMDs. Everyone knows physical media is the new digital delivery.

Sony’s take is a lot more upbeat, though:

"Value for money is the goal with this new model that will retail at just €99.99 (RRP), accompanied by an exciting range of PSP Essentials titles that will retail at only €9.99 (RRP) and will include Invizimals: The Lost Tribe, EyePet Adventures, FIFA 12 and many more.

While PSP E-1000 does not include Wi-Fi, it will still provides access to the full catalogue of PSP games either on UMD or from PlayStation Store via Med ... Read more »

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While the art style will most definitely stir Chrono Trigger nostalgia, there’s more of an Up quality to this achingly beautiful trailer for what’s sure to be a thoroughly emotional game. The story behind the game, which the trailer is too busy tugging heartstrings and conjuring up regret-tinged memories to properly go into is that Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts can alter a dying person’s memories to make him experience the life he might have wanted and proceed to do so for a dying old man named, curiously enough, Johnny.

There is a girl and a chance meeting on the stairs and a lighthouse and a space shuttle and horseback riding and that’s about all we could make out before something um… got in our eyes. Johnny’s last wish is to go to the moon. Ours, all other things being equal, would be to see more games like this one being made, or at the very least ... Read more »

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If you are an Android fan that enjoyed the MIUI interface, you will be tickled to hear that the interface is getting its own smartphone hardware. The device may only hit China sadly, but it sounds like an interesting smartphone. It does look a lot like the iPhone to me though.

MIUI Smartphone

The device runs Android 2.3.5 with the MIUI interface. It has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 854. The processor is a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon and the device has 1GB of RAM. Onboard ROM is 4GB and it has a microSD card for expansion. The device has an 8MP rear camera as well and a 1930mAh battery.

Other features include support for GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and an Adreno220 GPU at 266MHz. The phone operates on GSM and WCDMA networks. This should be ... Read more »

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If you are looking forward to the launch of the new Battlefield 3 game this new video released by EA showing 64

    player multiplayer combat is going to make you wish it was already here. Watch the action after the jump in the 2

minute multiplayer trailer. Enjoy!

Within the new Battlefield 3 game there will be four classes for you to choose from depending on your style of

gameplay: Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon, but unlike previous versions within the new game, the class

, Assault, will now be able to equip defibrillators and medkits, which can be used throughout gameplay.

EA’s Battlefield 3 will be arriving on October 25, 2011 for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles and is

available to pre-order now.

... Read more »

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Today HTC has added more lawsuits to the already complicated legal disputes between HTC and Apple. HTC has now filed three more lawsuits against Apple seeking to halt the sale of Apple products within the US.

HTC says that it has legal possession over the patents which it acquired in 2008 and 2010 and are being infringed by Apple on its Mac computers, iPads, iPods, iPhones and other devices. HTC is seeking compensatory damages, triple damages for willful infringement and other remedies.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware seeks to halt Apple’s importation and sale of infringing products in the United States. It also seeks compensatory damages, triple damages for willful infringement and other remedies.

Neither company has commented on the new lawsuits.

Source: ... Read more »

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If you are lucky enough to own a Sprint Nexus S 4G you might be pleased to hear that Swype and Sprint have partnered to bring an exclusive offer to their customers, offering Swype’s new flagship keyboard to Nexus S 4G owners.

The new version of Swype’s keyboard includes several new features including personal dictionaries, automatic capitalisation of proper nouns, together with the ability to use gestures to launch application on your smartphone, such as Facebook, Google Maps and Twitter. Watch a video after the jump to see the new Swype keyboard in action.

If you own a Sprint Nexus S 4G smartphone you can download the new update from the Swype site here.

... Read more »
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If your dog is prone to running off when unleashed in an open space, and sometimes a little tricky to track down. A new GPS tracking system designed for pets has been launched which might be able to help you keep a remote check on your dog via your smartphone.

The goal of the Tagg system isn’t just to find a lost dog, the Tagg system has been designed to help you not to lose them in the first place, allowing you to see where your dog is and be notified if he or she wanders a little too far from home.

A lightweight GPS tracking device attaches to their collar and lets you locate and track your dog using a computer or smartphone. Watch the video after the jump to see the Tagg Pet GPS tracker in action.

The systems allows you to setup Tagg zones, or a "geofence” for your dog. Once  the tracker is fitted to your dogs collar you are then notified by texts when your dog leaves t ... Read more »

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