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Main » 2011 » August » 8 » Hoodcap Flower Unites Lens Cap And Hood In One
7:12 PM
Hoodcap Flower Unites Lens Cap And Hood In One

A new innovative concept, for DSLR cameras called the Hoodcap Flower has been designed to provide a solution for 2 problems that DLSR camera owners experience. Where to put the lens cap once you’ve removed it from your camera,  and also the problem of fitting your camera hood  every time you need to take a  photo.

Hood Flower

The Hoodcap Flower has been designed by Rhie Hyi Joong & Lee Sang Hwa and combines both a lens cap and lens hood into one convenient device. By simply twisting the Hoodcap Flower either clockwise or anticlockwise the lens cap will either open or close. Removing the problem of storing your lens cap once removed from your camera and providing an instant lens hood.

Unfortunately the Hoodcap Flower  it still currently a concept at the moment, but  after just winning the 2011 Spark Awards  the device may now jump from concept to production and find its way to stores. Let’s hope so.

Hood Flower

Hood Flower

Source: Yanko

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