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Main » 2011 » September » 22 » Japanese Firm Outs Handroid Bionic Hand (Video)
1:34 AM
Japanese Firm Outs Handroid Bionic Hand (Video)

Handroid? That’s the problem with marketing these days, it’s so contrived. Really, Handroid? Awful. But the machine itself—woah! No wonder Arnie down south is rocking his best me gusta face at the sight of it. Kidding! That’s a famous scene from T2. Seriously, the Handroid itself has an eerie similarity to the robot prostheses from the classic movie.

Actually the Handroid from ITK, a tech firm that specializes in robotic tools, is more an attachment than a prostheses. This means that the $6,500 Handroid they’re currently hyping is meant for job sites like construction or engineering. Not sure if it’s modular enough to have attachments, like laser fingers or a rocket launcher. We’ll stop speculating now.

The Handroid is a remote controlled (via glove) limb that can work like a precision tool and accomplish challenging tasks. Can it replace a real hand? ITK are working hard at creating a full blown prostheses. The Handroid itself won’t go live until 2014 so there’s ample time to save money. Unless, of course, the machine uprising engulfs the world first.

A nice video:
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