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Main » 2011 » August » 18 » Sony Panel: Single Player Games Extinct In Three Years
7:27 PM
Sony Panel: Single Player Games Extinct In Three Years

We’re not entirely sure what makes otherwise discerning professionals go in for these fanciful predictions. We just hope video game consultant Mark Cerny provided more than the one example Eurogamer wrote about, although it’s not like anyone actually takes starry-eyed industry futurists to task unless they’re named Peter Molyneux.

"We’re already seeing the wall starting to crumble a bit,” he said. "Demon’s Souls, even though on one level it’s a single-player game, as you’re walking through the world you’re seeing the ghosts of everybody who died in that world via the internet. You can leave messages for them. They can leave messages for you. There’s actually a boss you fight in that game which is controlled by another player.

"We’re talking five, 10 years out. I believe three years from now, if you aren’t doing that, you are being criticised in your reviews for your lack of innovation.” Ah yes, even today games are getting mercilessly picked on by critics for having compelling gameplay, sumptuous visuals, original writing, but no Deathmatch option. And that’s been around for ages.

Source Eurogamer

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