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Main » 2011 » August » 31 » Weather Windows 7 Phone
2:10 AM
Weather Windows 7 Phone
The Windows Weather Phone is a refresh from bad weather predictions and inconvenient phone interfaces. The Windows Weather Phone is not only able to predict weather accurately, but also make its completely transparent body mimic the weather. If it’s snowing outside, it would appear as if it’s realistically snowing inside the phone itself- creating an astounding illusion.

The Windows Weather Phone uses OLED technology- this allows its transparency without sacrificing technological power. Much like other phones, this phone is able to perform a variety of features such as calling, texting, videos, music and others. Additional to these features, its transparency allows it to perform a unique feature- it can completely mimic weather outside. On a rainy day, the phone would appear to be filled with raindrops, while on a sunny day the phone would appear bright. Although not a particularly useful feature, it’s enjoyable to experiment around with. The Weather Phone also contains text recognition software. To initiate text recognition simply blow onto the screen- the phone recognizes the change in air pressure andresponds.

The Windows Weather Phone has no buttons- all functions are controlled through the touch screen. It also allows interaction with the actual weather- for example it allows writing and drawing on a foggy screen- much like how you would draw on a misty window. Although not planned to be commercially sold soon, its sleek design and unique features promises a bright future.

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