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Main » 2011 » September » 15 » Your Head In The Clouds? Possible With Mushroom Cloud Tree House
0:55 AM
Your Head In The Clouds? Possible With Mushroom Cloud Tree House

For starters, it’s a strange place for kids to be enjoying their solitude. But as a work of sculpture what Dietrech Wegner has created is a marvel to behold. A study in balancing lightweight materials with aesthetic sensibilities, the mushroom cloud tree house is an eccentric take on a boyhood institution, not to mention a towering display of nuclear might.


Further investigation has revealed that the artist’s message was to pose a contradiction. We’re not going to delve into the philosophical underpinnings here or whatever. Bottom line is it’s a nice sculpture though we’d love to see a lengthier ladder up to its entrance. The sculptor, of whom little is known, has inadvertently stoked our enthusiasm for post-nuclear imaginings along the lines of Fallout 3. We just love that game to bits.

Mr. Wegner’s sculpture has gone viral thru that endlessly entertaining repository of silliness, Reddit where it has garnered a relatively enthusiastic reception.

Dietrich Wegner’s latest creation is currently live and on exhibit at the Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati.

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