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Main » 2012 » November » 16 » HAND Stylus Capacitive Stylus : Review
4:57 PM
HAND Stylus Capacitive Stylus : Review

Since owning my first iPad I have used a wealth of different styluses to both write, sketch with and navigate throughout iPad applications, and on seeing the Hand Stylus I immediately thought its smaller 4mm nib would be perfect for additional accuracy whilst sketching. Without the need to invest in the more expensive smaller nibbed styluses that require an adapter to be inserted into the 30 pin port of your iPad to use.

Now I have the chance to put the Hand Stylus to the test and through its paces. The professional design of the Hand Stylus is reminiscent of a technical writing pen and its metal construction and finishes help it feel robust, yet perfectly weighted for everyday use. Feeling more like a pen in your hand rather than a thick crayon as many styluses on the market do.

The Hand Stylus comes in a metal presentation and storage tin and the stylus design makes it comfortable to grip. Towards the nib of the Hand stylus is a knurling effect on the surface of the metal, which helps provide extra grip to your fingertips, allowing you to guide the stylus with confidence and precision. It also includes a handy pen clip which allows you to attach it to your iPad case or pockets when necessary. The clip is made of steel and will also attach itself to the magnetised area of Apple’s Smart Cover, for handy access and storage.

One thing I have noticed when using the Hand Stylus is that it does require a little more pressure, to use than some other larger tipped styluses, but as soon as you have adjusted to this the stylus performs well as a drawing instrument. Its 4mm nib also makes it easier to perform more detailed drawings and smaller writing when necessary, however does require a little more pressure than some other styluses I have used.

The finish on the Hand Stylus is also very professional, and the choice of 11 anodised aluminium colours available in both matte and gloss finishes, enables you to match the stylus to your iPad case, your taste, and other accessories you might own.

As well as its smaller 4mm tip another innovative feature designed into the Hand Stylus is its auto rotating retractable tip, which rotates 90 degrees every time you either press the stylus tip out, just like a pen, or retract it back into the stylus body. Enabling the tips to be worn down universally all round rather than just one area.

Once a tip does become worn out, which I am guessing takes quite some time. As the one I am using is still in perfect condition, even after extensive use. The tips can be easily removed and a new tip can be quickly fitted, without the need for any tools or glue. Six new tips are available to purchase for $9.95 from the creators website.

I have been using the hand stylus for a number of weeks now, and its proved to be an excellent iPad touchscreen capacitive stylus and one I will continue to use. The Hand Stylus is now available to purchase for $29.95 from the Hand Stylus website. For more information watch the video below.

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