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Main » 2012 » November » 17 » The Aston Martin DB5 wrecked in Skyfall was a 3D printed model
9:36 PM
The Aston Martin DB5 wrecked in Skyfall was a 3D printed model
It’s not unusual to see cars getting blown up in big budget movies– when you mix explosives with high-end sports cars you expect some really beautiful automobiles to meet a fiery end. Many filmakers use computer effects to make things look good without actually having to blow $100,000+ cars up, but not the special effects crew who worked on the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall.

To save money and preserve a classic automobile the team built three models using a 3D printer. A company called Voxeljet managed to create three highly detailed, 1:3 scale models of Bond’s 1960 Aston Martin DB5. The DB5 first appeared in Goldfinger 48 years ago, and the cars that are left are practically priceless so it’s understandable why the crew wouldn’t want them to come to any harm.

Voxeljet’s large-format VX4000 printer can print objects that are up to 4 x 2 x 1 meters (283 cubic feet), so the scaled-down DB5 was possible though the final model was assembled from 18 parts.

Once the team had the CAD data for each individual part, the printer applied polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) layer by layer and a binding agent was used to glue it all together. PMMA allows the models to be stable and resilient but also highly detailed. As you can see in the image above it can accept a paint job quite nicely as well.

The Aston Martin could have been printed in one piece but the effects crew required a much more highly detailed model, complete with working parts. The hoods, trunks and doors all opened, there were even realistic bullet holes applied to the models to make them fit for the big screen.

One of the three models that didn’t get destroyed was auctioned off for just under $100,000. Not only is it a brilliantly realistic model, it shows how far 3D printing technology has come.

More at 3Ders via Gizmodo

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